NBA Player’s financial records to become public

New financial records have become public thanks to a new federal law that require unions to show their financial records to the U.S. Department of Labor.
Last fiscal year, the NBA paid the NBA Player’s Association $25 million of the league’s merchandise and licensing income. Starting with the collective bargaining agreement in 1998, the players started getting a big piece of it, even those who are out of the league or retired. Michael Jordan got a check for $77,000, LeBron James got $40,000. That money is doled out based on service time, not individual sales. That’s why Cavs General Manager Danny Ferry got more than James and Jordan, collecting $113,000, the same as Kobe Bryant. One of the biggest checks went to Cavs broadcaster Scott Williams at $137,000. That’s even more than Shaquille O’Neal’s cut of $121,000.

Who else is getting paid:

Mark Price ($20,000),
J.R. Bremer ($50,000),
Ron Harper ($52,000),
Terrell Brandon ($99,000),
Shawn Kemp ($63,000),
Robert Traylor ($105,000)
And yes Harris made $123,000 and Welsch was paid $65,000

Source: The Akron Beacon Journal