NBA Considers Reseeding After Each Playoff Round

nba-unbalanced-power.gifStu Jackson, the league’s executive vice president of basketball operations, says the league this summer plans to look into the possibility of reseeding teams after each playoff round. But they are unlikely will make any changes to the draft lottery system.

Next week, the two best players available, Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, are likely to wind up on teams from the already dominant Western Conference as a result of a complicated lottery system that determines the draft order. The results: the Eastern Conference will become even more irrelevant.

This year, the Western Conference had every member of the All-NBA first team and, arguably, the league’s five best teams. As a result, most fans tuned out of the NBA finals.

So what the NBA will do about this: “The balance within the league tends to be somewhat cyclical,” Stu Jackson said.

The Cavaliers have no draft pick this year.

Source: The Wall Street Journal (subscription required)