Ladies Love Gooden Patch

patch.jpg Come on guys, it is the ugliest thing we have probably seen on a guy but according to source close to Gooden, the ladies love his patch.

“It’s like fly paper for the ladies,” said a source close to Gooden. “But if every bankable athlete has to have a hook, I’d much rather him have that hair patch than gold teeth, illegitimate babies or a rap sheet.”

StyleDash website charged him with a StyleFoul:

Gooden sports the shaved-headed cousin of the infamous Tennessee Waterfall (a.k.a. “business in the front, party in the back” y’all!).

But really, who is he kidding? His neck-nape-hair-tuft makes me think two things:

1) his salon caught fire before his stylist was finished.
2) someone gave his head a bikini wax.

I guess if you are paid handsomely, no matter how ridiculous you look, the opposite sex will always find something attractive about you.

Sources: Slam Online, StyleDash, ContraCosta Times