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Kobe is being sued for elbowing an Arkansas man

Kobe Bryant is being sued by an Arkansas man, who claims the Los Angeles Lakers star deliberately elbowed him during a Memphis Grizzlies’ game last year. Bill Geeslin sat in the stands when the Lakers played in Memphis last Nov.

Nike opens IV pop-up museum

Nike’s latest promotional gadget in the Big Apple is more like a LeBron James museum. The shoe giant has opened a temporary store in New York’s SoHo district called IV, a reference to the latest model of his signature shoe.

New York needs LeBron far more than LeBron needs New York

“For there was King James suddenly rising over 34th Street and 7th Avenue, 80 feet high, framed in neon, a Nike monument to his penchant for pushing product.” Adrian Wojnarowski a national NBA columnist for Yahoo! Sports said.  “I’ve heard

Sasha Pavlovic is the new Sixth Man

Both Cleveland papers had big writeups on Sasha Pavlovic and it’s clear he’s in the Cavs’ plans as the sixth man since he’s knocking down shots and playing D. Cleveland plays four times this week and he could be a

NBA Player’s financial records to become public

New financial records have become public thanks to a new federal law that require unions to show their financial records to the U.S. Department of Labor. Last fiscal year, the NBA paid the NBA Player’s Association $25 million of the

Can Cavaliers fans bring Reghi back?

The firing of Michael Reghi prompted a huge thread at the official discussion forum. “Michael Reghi was one of the most dynamic play-by-play annoucers i’ve ever heard. He brought some much to a Cavs game. You could sense his

James On Court for Victory

LeBron James only stayed on the floor as long as needed.   James, accused of quitting on his team too early in his previous game, scored 19 points with a season-high 12 assists to lead the Cleveland Cavaliers past the Chicago

LeBron, Bryant among stars to host Nike summer camps

Beginning next June, LeBron James, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Amare Stoudemire and Vince Carter will host elite skills camps for the top 20 high school male players at each position. With Nike, Nash will run a camp for point guards