Are you kidding me? Shaq to the Suns?

ESPN reported this morning that the Miami Heat have already agreed to send O’Neal to the Suns in exchange for All-Star forward Shawn Marion and guard Marcus Banks.

Miami is simply waiting for Phoenix management to complete a medical examination of O’Neal.

Ric Bucher reported Tuesday night on SportsCenter that O’Neal is scheduled to arrive in Phoenix on Wednesday to undergo a physical.

O’Neal is 35 and he is having his worst season with the Heat only 9-37.
“He is eager to leave Miami and his deteriorating relationship with Heat coach Pat Riley.”

With his age and all the injuries he suffered the past few seasons, it will be interesting to see if he can keep up in the Suns’ high-octane system.

“Making a move for O’Neal appears on the surface to make little basketball or financial sense for the Suns. O’Neal’s arrival in Phoenix would undoubtedly prompt widespread skepticism about his ability to keep up in the Suns’ high-octane system. The two years and $40 million remaining on O’Neal’s contract after this season also clashes with the Suns’ recent pattern of trading away players (such as Kurt Thomas) and draft picks in attempt to reduce payroll and eventually drag themselves away from the NBA luxury-tax line of $67.875 million.”

Does this trade make any sense to you? What do you think?